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Born an orphan and left on the doorstep of a Catholic church in Kew Gardens, Queens, NYC, just after World War II, Peter J. Miele is a writer, musician and adventurer, having travelled in 87 countries over a period of 23 years. He served four years in the US Marine Corps and a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1965. Since then, he has received an AA, BA, MA, and Ph.D.

First TRAPMAN COMIC BOOK published by Phantom Comics in Minneapolis, MN in 1994. Created, written, copyrighted and trademarked by Peter J. Miele. Art by Gorden Purcell of Star Trek, Superman and Spiderman comics and Paul Frecki of DC comics.TRAPMAN

TRAPMAN RADIO SHOW out of Hofstra University in Long Island, NYC heard on 1,000 radio stations, including Fresh Air Radio, in 26 states. Songs written and sung by Peter J. Miele, guitar playing by Peter J. Miele, harmonica by Mark the Harp Kurnstead, keyboards, James Walsh of Gypsy Band, drums and base guitar, Ken Chastain.

TRAPMAN GAME, published by Phantom Inc. 1994, created by Peter J. Miele, written by Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. Art by Fastner & Larson, and Paul Frecki.

Other books published by Peter J. Miele, available on Amazons kindle sotre: TRAPMAN Part 1, TRAPMAN Part 2, TRAPMAN Part 3, TRIGGERMORTIS, DEMONOMAINIA and Baptism of Fire.

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