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Back in the Demonic Forest, Paris and the troops discover that she is an adept and therefore able to use magic gems to cast spells. They user her new found powers to find their way to the Great Demon, the one who has the power to grant access to other dimensions. It summons hundreds of demons to devour the hapless hunters. But Hoot Whitney, the Forests gatekeeper and former Country & Western recording staff, dispatches the Great Demon with a single silver bullet and the demons disperse.

Since mirrors dont exist in the 4th Dimension, Hoot provides them with a simple and obvious solution to get back to the 3rd. Dimension. In not time, the three crusaders find themselves back home in the middle of Hope. The Puppets Grog Soldiers have disappeared. The battle has ended. The Puppet has dispatched himself back to the 4th Dimension via Mirrex.

Trapman and Paris marry and become the most popular couple in Hope. All is well. That is until early one morning when the trim apparition of The Puppet of Pain reveals himself in Trapmans shaving mirror.

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