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Stories by Peter J. Miele

TRAPMAN is a freewheeling, episodic comedy adventure that takes its street-wise, got-nothing-to-lose sensibility straight into the heart of the never-ending batter between good and evil. Whether fighting crime on the mean streets of Hope a good old American city or in the palace of a 4th Dimension wizards, Trapman and his multicultural crew use their street savvy to fight the scoundrels of the Universe in ways theyve never been approached before.

Trapmans straight-up style and what-the-hell philosophy disarm the complex schemes of neurotic, narcissistic villains, who marshal great fores against the upstart hero. Trapmans gangs well-being is in nearly constant peril, whether they know it or not. Trapman himself seems oblivious to this, must to the concern of his friends. Trouble pops up quicker than you can say biscotti. Fittingly, strategy is often devised at sidewalk cafes over a mugs of cappuccino.

You wouldnt think so, but along the way a lot of monkey business happens, as well as contemplation of the great philosophical questions of our age. (Albeit, briefly, there isnt a lot of time for reflection when bullets are flying like popcorn.)

Still, the TRAPMAN stories can be enjoyed by people of any age. The action is innovative, unpredictable and typically ludicours not gory. A rumble is a rumble, whether its in Hopes Crack Alley, or an otherworldy jungle inhabited by winged nymphets. The citizens of other time sand other worlds have their street people; too, you know.

Trapman is no superhero. Hes just a disenchanted local guy, galvanized into action by the apathy and greed he sees all around him and inspired by the loyal support and ingeniousness of his street-dwelling friends; and one debutante.

The TRAPMAN stories employ the known, as well as occult, arts and sciences through classic storytelling technique to create high entertainment, unique loquacious characters, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Did I menion that theres also a dog? Yes, he has X-Ray vision. Yes, he can see through walls, as well as into the hearts and minds of people. His name is Ray, short for X-ray. Get it? He also has limited ability to foretell the future; mostly used to avoid future problematic fleas. His two best friends are Trapman and an angel from the 27th dimension. And yes, just like Trapman, Ray believes in miracles.

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